Environmental Test Chamber


The enviromental chamber is used to simulate the luminaires working conditions, this kinds of test will be required for the networks equipments used in outside.

  • The chamber is made of SUS304 Steel. The thermal insulation layer is made of polyurethane hard foam ultra-fine glass fiber. The heat-insulated doorframe uses high temperature aging silicone rubber sealing strip.
  • The temperature controller includes Korean TEMI display in English/Chinese and German Siemens PLC. It can communicate with PC via RS-232. The temperature accuracy is 0.1℃ and humidity accuracy is 0.1%R.H
  • The independant heating system uses nickel-chrome electric heater
  • The refrigerating system is fully enclosed air-cooled single-stage compression refrigeration mode, and the compressor is from France TECUMSEH brand which can allow you get after sales support from many other countries