EMI/EMC Testing

5m Semi Anechoic Chamber

by Kai Tuo

This chamber include PAN Type Modules/Steel Structure/Shielding Door/Filter/Absorber/Ferrite tile/Antenna Mast/Turntable/Controller/CCTV System/Illumication.

  • Frequency Range: 10kHz~18GHz (EMI)
  • Ext. Dimension: 13.67m(L) x 8.27m(W) x 6.69m(H)
  • Int. Dimension: 13.5m(L) x 8.1m(W) x 6.0m(H)
  • NSA: ± 3.5dB at 5m test distance in the test volume(3M quiet zone) between 30MHz-1GHz according CISPR16-1-4 test standard
  • SVSWR: <5.5dB in the test volume (3M quiet zone), 1 – 18 GHz according CISPR 16-1-4 test standard