Environmental Temperature (Humidity) Test Chamber

Burn In Room

Burn-In Chamber/Room by Giant Force Instrument

  • Use Burn-In to test semi-finished & finished products and cull failure parts. Promote the quality and reliability of products.
  • Mainly to test Computer, Server, Monitor, Power Supply Electronic Switching and other electronic industry.
  • To design based on customer required dimensions and comply with plant removal due to expansion.
  • The power source of testing and safety protection device will be simultaneously controlled.
  • Use Heating Box and Flameproof Heater design. P.I.D. calculation provide with safe, stabilize and reliability.
  • In-door safety bolt allows opening the door from indoor to protect user’s safety.
  • Designing exhaust fan protection device and flameproof of pressure hole for safe guarantee.
  • Controlled by microcomputer digital LED and Timer can provide accuracy of test.