Environmental Temperature (Humidity) Test Chamber

Temperature & Humidity for LCD.(Large Viewing Glass)

Temperature & Humidity Testing Equipment by Giant Force Instrument

  • Color touch panel made in Japan can switch Chinese / English display. Powerful function and setting easy.
  • System capacity: It could sign in 150 patterns × 1500 steps, step can be optionally divided and pattern can link up to each other.
  • Data setting: Touch panel display, easy operation, built-in management system of data content.
  • Curves drawing: When temperature, humidity and times are set up, the data can be immediately transferred into curves, actual operating curves also can be attained during operation.
  • Error tracing: Historical fault report can be displayed, such as the reasons and occurring time.
  • External protection: Electronic over-temperature protection is separated from the master controller for setting the upper temperature limit of the tested specimen.
  • Communications interface: Standard RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces can link to PC for network administration and control.
  • USB device: Optional 1GB memory flash (USB) card can be used to replace the conventional expensive paper recorder. With the self-diagnosis function, internal recording can be optionally selected.
  • Power source of specimen can connect and control with chamber to meet safety.
  • Wider viewing glass to check the situation of specimen easier, dimension is 74㎝(W) ×76㎝(H)
  • Advanced fog-proof design(no wiper) can observe the situation of specimen clearly.